Thursday, October 21, 2010

SOS Peace March

Yesterday October 20,2010 we went on a peace march to stop the killing in Crown Heights. In the last year Crown Heights has had 62 killing by gun. Mothers' are losing there children to violence.

This Was The Prayer For All The Falling.
Everyone Touch Everyone To Show Support In The Fight As We Prayed.
Kiarah and I At The March. We Lit Candles In The Memory Of All Who Have Passed.
Marching Down Eastern Parkway To Franklin Ave As We Chanted.
Don't Let 6x9 or 6 Feet Under Be Your Only Choices.
Having A Good Time Fighting For What's Right.
The S.O.S Car "Man Up.!"
At The March "Don't Shoot.! I Want To Grow Up.!" (Kiarah)
At March " Don't Shoot.! I Want To Grow Up.! (Alima)
A Sweat Shirt Made With The S.O.S Logo On It.
All These People Came Out To Support The Fight To Stop Violence.
DON'T SHOOT! Help Us Keep You Safe By Keeping Our Kids Out Of Trouble
S.O.S = Save Our Streets
The Family Of One The Ones Lost
Don't Shoot.! I Want To Grow Up.!
Stop Shooting.! Start Living.!

"Man Up.!" If You're Man Enough To Pick Up A Gun And Shoot It, Then Be Man Enough To Take The Consequences That Follow Behind The Action.

If You Know Anything About Any Crime Stand Up And Do What's Right Call A Tip Line Even If Your Tip Is Small All Tips Help.

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