Thursday, November 18, 2010


Today there’s a lot of violence going on in and out of the communities, schools and on certain jobs across America. In 2005, 1,079,301 high school students across America took a weapon to school at least once every 30 days because of what the students are facing in school from there fellow classmates. Lots of solutions are out there to solve problems like these like: Cease Fire in Chicago, putting metal detectors, security guards, scanners etc in the schools. I would like to give you my opinion on what I think about the solutions to protect high school students in school.

Cease Fire and other program are being set up across America to prevent some of the problems. Cease Fire especially is a really good program that would help students who are in and as well out of school because the people running the program help breaks up fights, offering mentoring sessions, helping you find a job and a place to hang out instead of going into the corners and cause trouble.

Metal detectors, security guards and scanners in school are very useful in schools that have lots of fighting going on. Some of the above would help out school in American because for example metal detectors and scanners do a wonderful job when coming to students bringing in weapons to school. On the other hand the metal detectors, security and scanners make me feel like that am in prison, it makes me feel this way because every time we come to school we have to get scanned and also on every floor there are one or more security.

An example of how students would stop carrying weapon to school is that their parents need to search them or talk to them before they leave for school. The community needs to host programs that would show students different ways how to protect themselves instead of carrying weapons to school. For example a program that teaches students how to be respectful. By doing this we, as students wouldn’t feel like we are in prison. By William Joyette

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